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Iron Bowl and The Dog Bite #StoryTimeWithJP

By Jerraud Powers Nov 24, 2007. Iron bowl. The one game that you can be remembered for forever in the state of Alabama. The one game that make families separate, the game that gives you an excuse to stop whatever it is that you are doing and watch closely, praying to the football gods that your team wins.  It was my redshirt sophomore season and I was having a great year. Our defense was filled with a lot of good players, and I was able to stand out among a talented group. Just to name a few players, Quentin Groves, Senderrick Marks, Antonio Coleman, Tray Blackman and Patrick Lee, all …
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War Damn Eagle #StoryTimeWithJP

In the state of Alabama, you are required from birth to choose either Alabama or Auburn as your team. Some people pick their allegiance based on family history, some pick based on personal preference. I didn’t grow up rooting for either team. I used to always go for the underdog, and I was a big Miami fan because of Ed Reed and Sean Taylor.  When the recruiting season started for me, I was in the 10th grade. Once I made a name for myself and started gaining some traction, I had offers from schools all over the country. But like most athletes in the state, it really came down to …
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War Eagle with Jerraud Powers

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