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Favorite Player? My Ass Tice #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett Ever had someone tell you how much they like you? That you were their wife’s favorite player? But, they never included you in the game plan?  Well, that was me in 2012 as part of the Mike Tice regime. Man, did I want OUT!    Every other day Coach Tice would approach me with a grin like the Grinch. Never really asked me about my feelings about the playbook, upcoming opponents or how was I doing. His first comment would be, “You know you’re my wife’s favorite player.”  First, how random is that? There was Rex Ryan’s wife’s infatuation for Mark Sanchez. But, Mark was the quarterback. …
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The Peanut Punch with Charles Tillman

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The Athlete with Darius Butler

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Mike Martz Quit During First Training Camp #StoryTimeWithEarl

In 2010 the hire of Mike Martz sent a message to the offense. The message was loud and clear — we needed to score more points. This hire brought in new coaches and teammates. This hire also saw coaches and teammates fired and traded.  First impression is everything. Coach Martz going through OTAs and mini camp wasn’t that tough. He seemed very energetic and an optic genius. The way he analyzed the field and critiqued every play was unreal. “The Wizard” was his nickname. There was excitement to get the season started.  Training camp began with the trade of Greg Olsen. A budding star who everyone loved and knew would …
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Injured or Not, I Have to Play in the Super Bowl! #StoryTimeWithJP

In 2009, I was drafted to the Colts in the 3rd round. I was blessed to have an awesome camp and become an opening day starter on an already-established veteran team. We went on to win 14 games in a row and clinch the #1 seed for the playoffs. Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne and Antoine Bethea were all established, core leaders on our team, and I was happy to be a part of it.  For the last two games of the season, Jim Caldwell wanted to rest the starters, which he did, unless there were any reachable season records/stats for some who might have …
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Knee Deep in an NCAA Violation #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

My sophomore season at Vanderbilt was much different than my freshman year experience. After a successful sophomore season in the Southeastern Conference, random people started calling me wanting to represent me. I can remember thinking it all seemed shady, but I took the meetings anyway. I always told people to meet me at PF Chang’s right below campus. Hard to pass on a free meal.  There was one meeting I accepted that took me completely off guard. A coach from the university called me and told me he had a good friend who wanted to meet me. I agreed to the meeting not sure what it was about. I had …
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Weird BBQ at Hester’s House #StoryTimeWithEarl

Nothing beats a good team bonding experience than getting together with some great food. Before I became a vegetarian, I thoroughly enjoyed grilled chicken wings and lamb. The smoky, hickory flavor absorbed by taste buds made cookouts worthwhile. Attach that mouth-watering feeling with being around your favorite teammates taking in the fresh summer breeze, and it was pure joy.   The music is blasting through the speakers, and everyone is joking and having fun. I always enjoyed going to Devin’s house because it is still the most massive and best-looking home I have ever encountered. Devin was a great host, and everyone at the BBQ was excited to be there. The …
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The Rookie Dinner #StoryTimeWithJP

2009, week 6. The day was set for me and another fellow rookie to take the secondary out to what is called, “The Rookie dinner.” I had heard plenty of stories from the past that were not encouraging, but I wanted to have a good time and enjoy the night. We all get to Ruth’s Chris Steak House at 7pm. They take our group to a secluded back room where expensive looking champagne and liquor bottles were set up nicely and circled the entire room. The waitress is opening a particular champagne bottle and filling glasses every other second. Another waiter is bringing food in every five minutes, well at least that’s how it seemed. The veteran players were starting to fill the room, and I noticed something wrong immediately. Most of the players brought either …
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Well Rounded with DJ Moore

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Mouth Wrote Check My Ass Couldn’t Cash #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

Personally, I always enjoyed Jay Cutler.  Sour face and all, I appreciated his company no matter how brief.  After a game against Green Bay, the way I looked at him changed.  Jamarcus Webb was having a tough game. This was something that happened with young players from time to time.  I didn’t witness the play where Cutler pushed Webb, but I remember being upset when I saw it on ESPN the next morning. Now Webb is a big fella compared to Cutler, but you can understand the significance of pushing another teammate in any capacity.   Frustration is understandable, but a player getting physical with a teammate for poor performance is not cool.    Arriving at the …
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