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Martz NFC Championship Playcall #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett There are some plays I love to revisit. On the other hand there are some I prefer not to remember. Thinking about the NFC Championship loss haunts me every time I think about football. Then, there is always the fan who asks, “Why did Mike Martz give you the reverse on 3rd down?” It makes me cringe. I am not known for my speed. I’m known as an intellectual football player who played with a high IQ. I am not a burner. That has never been my thing. However, I displayed toughness breaking tackles and making something out of nothing. On 3rd and three, on GB 27-yard …
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Bears Shuffle Remix Goes Limp #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

By DJ Moore I normally didn’t get frustrated with losing games, but there was one game that really got to me. It wasn’t the outcome, but what had transpired during the game that baffled me and continues to do so. The game started off terrible as we all remember. Rodgers comes out, bang left, bang right, bang touchdown and the score 7-0 Green Bay! The Packers added another touchdown before the half. The defense anchored down after that and kept them from scoring any more offensive points for the remainder of the game.That was an impressive feat considering the quarterback we were playing. Then our QB got hurt. Not sure …
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