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Who Got Fired!?! #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett In 2012, we needed to win the season’s final game, and we needed the Packers to defeat the Vikings to get into the playoffs. The latter did not happen so we were eliminated from playoff contention. After landing back in Chicago and finding out the results, Coach Lovie Smith addressed the team and stated we would have exit physicals in the morning. I arrived at the facility in the morning and entered the cafeteria where most players were gathered. I ordered my usual pancakes and bacon and found myself a table. ESPN lit up every TV. So, when a player says, “I don’t listen to the media,” …
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Mouth Wrote Check My Ass Couldn’t Cash #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

Personally, I always enjoyed Jay Cutler.  Sour face and all, I appreciated his company no matter how brief.  After a game against Green Bay, the way I looked at him changed.  Jamarcus Webb was having a tough game. This was something that happened with young players from time to time.  I didn’t witness the play where Cutler pushed Webb, but I remember being upset when I saw it on ESPN the next morning. Now Webb is a big fella compared to Cutler, but you can understand the significance of pushing another teammate in any capacity.   Frustration is understandable, but a player getting physical with a teammate for poor performance is not cool.    Arriving at the …
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Hurd Away #StoryTimeWithEarl

Before December 15, 2011, I was always greeted by a jovial WR #4 on my entrance into the locker room. On this particular day, he was not there. The warm and charming smile that radiated in the morning was nowhere to be found. The receiver group bounced around the facility in hopes of finding him to defer any fines he would receive for missing meetings. We checked the hot tub, swimming pool, the field and even the bathrooms. Still, we could not locate WR #4 so we proceeded to the team meeting room.  During the team meeting, Coach Lovie Smith did not address the situation. But, when we split into …
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When a Silent Coach Speaks #StoryTimeWithEarl

Lovie Smith is known for his calm demeanor. His bright smile and nomad beard highlight his facial features. These traits can be misleading — the warm and charming smile with a smooth and swift head nod to avoid any conversation. But, after one particular game Coach, Smith asked to speak with me.  After watching the NFC Championship Game limp off the field and a 300-pound sumo dancing defensive tackle in the end zone to close out the 2010-11 NFL season. There were high expectations for the 2011-12 NFL Season. The offense and defense were returning starters, and this was the second season for Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz. Spirits were high …
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