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My Bad, Cutler #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett In the locker room, when certain things occur, you know that those things are sacred. Marital discord, financial restraints all fall under that category. However, when news of a baby circulates, it is a congratulatory ordeal. Well, unfortunately for me, I did not know that the sex of a teammate’s child was only a locker room secret.    After an offseason practice, I interviewed on The Boers & Bernstein 670 Show. The interview was smooth as Boers & Bernstein asked me about the addition of Brandon Marshall and the news of Cutler’s child. I responded with “New toys, a baby on the way, he’s having a boy …
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Cutler is Golden at Trash Talk #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett Trash talk is universal. What makes trash talk golden? Some guys dig and find out serious information, while others just state the obvious. The NFL field has its own unwritten rules. But, stating the obvious was always one route to go. Jay Cutler rarely talked trash. However, when opposing defenders decided to chime in on his play he never faltered. The obvious instance of DeAngelo Hall with the multiple interceptions and Cutler’s feud with Phillip Rivers are prime examples of how he never backed away from good trash talking on the field. However, it was playing against Detroit when I heard one of the slickest remarks by …
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Peppers and Cutler #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett There are very few people who frighten me in this world. Brock Lesnar, being one of them. Playing with someone who scares you is different. Not scared in a way that I was fearful of my life — just in a way that if a fight went down I would have to pray that God gave me David-like abilities. The one player who possesses the traits of Goliath on the team was Julius Peppers.    Standing 6 feet 7 inches, Julius towered over pretty much every football player. Weighing 295 pounds placed him in the range of the sloppy fat lineman you see with their bellies out. …
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Earl Warmup and Take Snaps #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett During the 2013 season, I realized the importance of knowing multiple positions. These types of things never dawned on me until we played the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. In the second, starting quarterback Jay Cutler was injured and carted off into the locker room. Josh McCown entered the game and began to rally the troops. McCown would give us a chance to win the game, but a crushing hit that looked like it injured Josh had me on pins.   Earl why are you on pins if the backup quarterback was hurt? Well, because I was the emergency quarterback. My college stats were AMAZING. I completed …
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Cutler Fed Up With Mike Martz #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett An undeniable truth within the Chicago organization was that Mike Martz was a prick. You all are welcome. For every coach, player and front office member who wanted to say it, I spoke on your behalf. In 2011 against the Vikings, Jay Cutler said to Martz what we all wanted to say.  Everyone in the organization knew Martz came to the Bears with an ego bigger than the Titanic. So postgame, hearing Jay scream “Tell Mike I said Fuck Him” brought joy to some. It was well overdue. Martz came in with the mentality of a head coach. He seriously thought he was the captain of the …
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The NFL is a Cutthroat League #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

By DJ Moore The toughest part of being in an NFL locker room was the potential of seeing your friends dismissed from the team. Every year it hurt like it was the first time. When the big time players were cut or traded, it made me feel insecure as a lesser valued player. Heading into training camp number three with the Chicago Bears, I was very excited about the season. We had just come off an NFC Championship loss, and I felt the sky was the limit for the coming season. I was moving into our camp over at Olivet Nazarene University, and I walked to get all my credentials. On the way back …
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Da Bears Trade For Cutler #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl B. Bennett April 2, 2009 I was back on Vanderbilt’s campus taking courses to fulfill my degree. My professor, former Vanderbilt football alum Roosevelt Noble, was always a treat. The course, Deviant Behavior, made it all the more intriguing. During one class period, things north of Nashville would drastically change.  I consider myself a consummate student and always hold myself accountable to be studious and coherent. After finishing a disappointing rookie year, I wanted to make sure I finished my degree in case the following year was my last year as a professional football player. The Sociology course was interesting, but a call from a particular individual quickly …
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Weird BBQ at Hester’s House #StoryTimeWithEarl

Nothing beats a good team bonding experience than getting together with some great food. Before I became a vegetarian, I thoroughly enjoyed grilled chicken wings and lamb. The smoky, hickory flavor absorbed by taste buds made cookouts worthwhile. Attach that mouth-watering feeling with being around your favorite teammates taking in the fresh summer breeze, and it was pure joy.   The music is blasting through the speakers, and everyone is joking and having fun. I always enjoyed going to Devin’s house because it is still the most massive and best-looking home I have ever encountered. Devin was a great host, and everyone at the BBQ was excited to be there. The …
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Mouth Wrote Check My Ass Couldn’t Cash #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

Personally, I always enjoyed Jay Cutler.  Sour face and all, I appreciated his company no matter how brief.  After a game against Green Bay, the way I looked at him changed.  Jamarcus Webb was having a tough game. This was something that happened with young players from time to time.  I didn’t witness the play where Cutler pushed Webb, but I remember being upset when I saw it on ESPN the next morning. Now Webb is a big fella compared to Cutler, but you can understand the significance of pushing another teammate in any capacity.   Frustration is understandable, but a player getting physical with a teammate for poor performance is not cool.    Arriving at the …
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