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What Hall of Famer, Brian Urlacher, Told Me! #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

By DJ Moore As a young player in the National Football League, I did not know what to expect once I was drafted.  I remember walking in the locker room eyes wide open to the possibilities that were before me. The first thing I noticed when entering the locker room were the names above all the lockers.  Then you look up and see your own name.  I remember the first time I saw Brian Urlacher.  I watched him walk by me afraid to say something to him because of a perceived notion that he might be an asshole.  I assumed all-stars were assholes because all the movies I watched portrayed …
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Bears Shuffle Remix Goes Limp #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

By DJ Moore I normally didn’t get frustrated with losing games, but there was one game that really got to me. It wasn’t the outcome, but what had transpired during the game that baffled me and continues to do so. The game started off terrible as we all remember. Rodgers comes out, bang left, bang right, bang touchdown and the score 7-0 Green Bay! The Packers added another touchdown before the half. The defense anchored down after that and kept them from scoring any more offensive points for the remainder of the game.That was an impressive feat considering the quarterback we were playing. Then our QB got hurt. Not sure …
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Knee Deep in an NCAA Violation #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

My sophomore season at Vanderbilt was much different than my freshman year experience. After a successful sophomore season in the Southeastern Conference, random people started calling me wanting to represent me. I can remember thinking it all seemed shady, but I took the meetings anyway. I always told people to meet me at PF Chang’s right below campus. Hard to pass on a free meal.  There was one meeting I accepted that took me completely off guard. A coach from the university called me and told me he had a good friend who wanted to meet me. I agreed to the meeting not sure what it was about. I had …
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Well Rounded with DJ Moore

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Mouth Wrote Check My Ass Couldn’t Cash #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

Personally, I always enjoyed Jay Cutler.  Sour face and all, I appreciated his company no matter how brief.  After a game against Green Bay, the way I looked at him changed.  Jamarcus Webb was having a tough game. This was something that happened with young players from time to time.  I didn’t witness the play where Cutler pushed Webb, but I remember being upset when I saw it on ESPN the next morning. Now Webb is a big fella compared to Cutler, but you can understand the significance of pushing another teammate in any capacity.   Frustration is understandable, but a player getting physical with a teammate for poor performance is not cool.    Arriving at the …
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The Stafford Onslaught #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

It was Sunday Night Football, a prime-time game with everyone watching two divisional teams about to battle.  The Monsters of the Midway were in prime form to destroy any offense that stepped on the field in 2011.  Everyone was getting ready in the locker room, and Anthony Adams was up to his usual locker room shenanigans. We were playing the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field. I loved playing against the Lions.  Mathew Stafford tended to be careless with the football.  On this night, he was extra sloppy with the pigskin. I was excited because I knew I would have ample opportunities to impact the game.  In my wildest dreams, I …
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