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The Fight Between Robbie Gould and Hester That Almost Happened #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl B. Bennett Playing with Future Hall of Famers comes with positives and negatives. The positive is obvious. You are playing with great generational players who are headed into Canton, Ohio. The negative can sometimes be that they know they are great players and may overlook flaws in their own game. But, when one Future Hall of Famer points out another future Hall of Famer’s flaws, prepare for a showdown.  This battle was between Specialists — Devin Hester vs Robbie Gould in an epic face-off. Devin is quiet and reserved. Say less, but shows up more on the field. Those are the guys who I adore. Let the play …
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Weird BBQ at Hester’s House #StoryTimeWithEarl

Nothing beats a good team bonding experience than getting together with some great food. Before I became a vegetarian, I thoroughly enjoyed grilled chicken wings and lamb. The smoky, hickory flavor absorbed by taste buds made cookouts worthwhile. Attach that mouth-watering feeling with being around your favorite teammates taking in the fresh summer breeze, and it was pure joy.   The music is blasting through the speakers, and everyone is joking and having fun. I always enjoyed going to Devin’s house because it is still the most massive and best-looking home I have ever encountered. Devin was a great host, and everyone at the BBQ was excited to be there. The …
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