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Earl B. Bennett is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played six seasons with the Chicago Bears.

Martellus Never Backs Down #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett During my rookie year, I ran into Martellus at the combine. Sharing the same last name we tried to connect the dots and see if we were related. He is from Houston and I had family who lived there, but we were not able to successfully connect the dots. Nevertheless, we stayed in close contact and would chat throughout the season. When he signed with the Bears in the offseason of 2013, I knew we were getting a solid no nonsense, player who never backed down.    Martellus immediately gelled with the team. His personality and wit made him one of the more popular guys in the …
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Eyes Wide Open #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett At times, the life of a football player can be stressful and cumbersome. Body fatigue and the long season makes it easy to take a quick nap anywhere, anytime. But, you need to be careful about where you fall asleep. The receivers were cool and typically took care of each other.  Of course when an opportunity presented itself to snap a photo, we took full advantage. From sleeping in the locker room to the bus before a flight, guys typically slept. One of the best moments captured was when I snapped Johnny Knox just moments after he took a photo of another player. Johnny and I laughed …
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Spice Adams Locker Room Shenanigans #StoryTimeWithEarl

My favorite Spice moment was recording him stepping in the locker room. Friday practices were always good days. Coach Lovie Smith called the “Fast Fridays.” You practiced for an hour in shells and helmets. Atomic Dog by George Clinton blasted through the speakers in the locker room. Spice, a member of Omega Psi Phi (Que Dog) heard the song, which is an anthem for the fraternity, and started stepping. This was not your ordinary step you would witness in the yard. This was like the movie Stomp the Yard mixed with You Got Served with a “Spice.” I had the pleasure of being the cameraman. It was never a dull …
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Who Slapped Hunter? #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett The locker room during my tenure in Chicago was special. Vets took care of the younger guys, and the coaches were all respectful (for the most part). Occasionally there were instances or situations that would arise, and this particular time it was a conflict between Hunter and Olin.  Saturday’s were typically walk thru’s that spanned 30-45 min. Special teams would run thru their plays, with offense and defense following. Nothing out of the ordinary on this particular day — just a refresher before the game. All of a sudden, as we were breaking it down to go change and prepare to head downtown, a commotion occurred.    I was positioned …
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Cutler is Golden at Trash Talk #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett Trash talk is universal. What makes trash talk golden? Some guys dig and find out serious information, while others just state the obvious. The NFL field has its own unwritten rules. But, stating the obvious was always one route to go. Jay Cutler rarely talked trash. However, when opposing defenders decided to chime in on his play he never faltered. The obvious instance of DeAngelo Hall with the multiple interceptions and Cutler’s feud with Phillip Rivers are prime examples of how he never backed away from good trash talking on the field. However, it was playing against Detroit when I heard one of the slickest remarks by …
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2019 Chicago Bears Season Recap

By Earl Bennett I recap the failed 2019 Chicago Bears 8-8 Season:

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Josh Gordon: The Battle Off The Field #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett After being released I found myself in Cleveland. A city with similar die hard fans like Chicago, thirsting for a Super Bowl. I joined a receiver corps that was led by Josh Gordon, who was by far the best athletic specimen I had seen in my life. Gordon’s skills on the field were obvious, but a conversation with him shed light on a turbulent career.  After getting settled and adjusted the first week I found myself outside of the meeting room waiting with Gordon for the coaches. My wife and I had just settled into our home in Houston and that was an icebreaker for me knowing …
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A Call From Charlie Weis #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett College recruitment was fun, but also very annoying. The constant calls and texts from coaches made it cumbersome. There are some prestigious schools, whether academically and/or athletically, that are always entertained based on its reputation. But, a call from then Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis would change my perspective in too schools. During my high school career, I played both defense and offense. I was recruited by some teams as a safety and others as a wide receiver. My heart and passion was in being a wide receiver.  Jerry Rice was my favorite player so I was set on being a receiver, and I always enjoyed making plays. …
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Bears Verified: RIP Bears Playoff Hopes

Listen to "Bears Verified: RIP Bears Playoff Hopes" on Spreaker.
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Vanderbilt Hosed in Florida #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett College football on Saturdays is a rich tradition in my family. I grew up watching The Iron Bowl and sided with Auburn just to make my parents’ life harder. My favorite team was the Florida Gators. Steve Spurrier had my heart as a coach. But after not receiving a scholarship from the Gators I found myself in the Swamp as a true freshman ready to light them up. This was a game I had marked on my calendar. New Florida coach Urban Meyers did not know, but I had a bullseye on him for not recruiting me. We wanted to get off to a fast start and …
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