Adrian Peterson Almost Broke My Hand #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett
While enjoying my 26th birthday at a club in Chicago, I received a text from Tommie Harris. Tommie texted that Adrian Peterson was in the city and wanted to attend my birthday party. The reigning league MVP was more than welcome to come hang out and partake in the festivities, so I texted Tommie back, “Of course.”

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Playing against the Vikings and watching Adrian put pressure on our defense was always fun to watch. The force and aggression he runs with make him one of my favorite running backs ever to watch. The evidence of strength was known by the way he broke tackles and picked up blitzes, but I never thought his hands would be as strong as his legs.
After entering the party, Adrian made his way to the VIP section, greeting friends and family members. After speaking to friends, Adrian approached me and shook my hand, saying “Thanks for allowing me to attend the party.” I responded, “My pleasure, thanks for stopping in.” Adrian would make his way through the crowd and have a good time, but I notices my hand was in pain.
Adrian’s handshake was so firm that it felt like he broke my hand. Not only that, partygoer/friend Willie Taylor, from P Diddy Group Day 26, approached me and said “Dog, I lift weights EVERYDAY, but did it feel like he almost broke your hand cause I feel like I need to work on my grip more.” I could not agree more with Willie. The strength of Peterson’s handshake was not only alarming, but memorable as well because this was the only time in life when I almost said “uncle” on a genuine handshake.
There are some people with natural strength. Then there are others with supernatural power. Adrian Peterson has superhuman strength that extends beyond the football field. Known for cowbell running style with exquisite force, Peterson’s handshake is one that will and can bring any man to his knees. If you have had the privilege to shake his hand, I’m sure you share the same sentiments.
Earl B. Bennett

About Earl B. Bennett

Earl B. Bennett is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played six seasons with the Chicago Bears.