Peppers and Cutler #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett

There are very few people who frighten me in this world. Brock Lesnar, being one of them. Playing with someone who scares you is different. Not scared in a way that I was fearful of my life — just in a way that if a fight went down I would have to pray that God gave me David-like abilities. The one player who possesses the traits of Goliath on the team was Julius Peppers. 

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Standing 6 feet 7 inches, Julius towered over pretty much every football player. Weighing 295 pounds placed him in the range of the sloppy fat lineman you see with their bellies out. Except, his 295 pounds were lean and looked like he was sculpted by Michelangelo. His ability to run down Michael Vick was an eyeopener to how explosive and fast he was. But, playing against him and his former team the Carolina Panthers, I noticed how scary he really was. 

The game had just started and the defense had done a great job of forcing the Panthers offense to punt and the offense took the field. We ran five plays, all of which were not very good. A sack the first play and an interception the fifth play, made the Future Hall of Famer chirp at me and express his discontent. 

On the sideline the defense was angry. Rightfully so. We just turned the ball over and the game had just started. On the sideline Peppers approached me with an angry stare. The kind your dad gives you when you take his car without permission. He walked up to me and said “What the fuck is wrong with your man?” Heart racing fast, all I could give was a shrug of the shoulder. He proceeded with “Tell him to get fucking right.” I responded again with a head nod. I took a deep breathe and began walking towards the offense and I peeked behind me. 

He was watching me to make sure I addressed Jay. I did not say anything to Jay in reference of what Julius had told me.  I still wanted to catch some balls and make plays. But, when you are addressed by a behemoth of a male who possesses the dominate trait to split you in half, you at least make it seem like you’re doing what he asked. You did NOT want to one on the other side of his wrath. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling.


Earl B. Bennett

About Earl B. Bennett

Earl B. Bennett is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played six seasons with the Chicago Bears.