Big Hits, and Chicago Fans #StoryTimeWithLanceBriggs

By Lance Briggs

The crowd at Soldier Field is incomparable. They are loud, rowdy and love sports. Chicago has the best fans in the world bar none. Therefore, every home game, I felt the energy. There were games that the fans would propel us to step it up and play classic Chicago Bears football.

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Some hits remain etched in the brain forever. Over the course of my career I’ve handed out my fair share of “big hits” and there are plenty to recollect. However, this hit against the Eagles has too be one of my all-time favorites.

In the 1st quarter against the Eagles, they were setting up a screen pass to Correll Buckhalter. As he was sifting through his blocks I planted my feet in the ground and started sprinting in that direction. As I drew closer to him, the blockers and my teammates just seemed to clear out of the way and I could see that his head wasn’t on a swivel.

I arrived with bad intentions and launched at the perfect distance, with the perfect angle. SMACK!!!!! A “solid” and clean vicious tackle on Buckhalter. I knew I had gotten the best of him on that hit. His feet went flying in the air and the home crowd going crazy.

This was a great tone setter for the game. This hit is my favorite because not only did I decleat Buckhalter, but the roaring fans helped to bring one of my most memorable tackles to life even more.


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