46 Actually Play #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

By DJ Moore

My first game in the orange and blue was indeed an experience. I wanted to be excited about the game, but I honestly wasn’t. I was a 4th round draft pick who barely made the team. I was on the 53-man roster, but I knew there was no chance for me to play after a good preseason and horrible showing in training camp.

I don’t remember who we were playing, all I can see is the locker room and the chair where I was seated.  I knew I wasn’t going to play, but I assumed I would dress out with the rest of the team. I was wrong.

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Like always, I got over to the field a couple hours early to warm up. I went back to my locker, prepared to put my pads on, and sit on the sideline. T Med, the most excellent equipment guy in all the land was suspiciously snooping around my locker. I hadn’t been given protocol on a 53-man roster, but I was quickly given a crash course. He grabbed my equipment like a thief in the night. I was devastated.  He laid some generic NFL shop gear in my locker to wear on the sideline. I couldn’t honestly think straight for the rest of the game. I felt absolutely horrible. If I needed to be humbled, I can tell you I was damn sure humbled.


DJ Moore

About DJ Moore

DJ is a retired NFL Cornerback who played five years with the Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers.