Cutler Fed Up With Mike Martz #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl Bennett

An undeniable truth within the Chicago organization was that Mike Martz was a prick. You all are welcome. For every coach, player and front office member who wanted to say it, I spoke on your behalf. In 2011 against the Vikings, Jay Cutler said to Martz what we all wanted to say. 

Everyone in the organization knew Martz came to the Bears with an ego bigger than the Titanic. So postgame, hearing Jay scream “Tell Mike I said Fuck Him” brought joy to some. It was well overdue. Martz came in with the mentality of a head coach. He seriously thought he was the captain of the ship. 


A former Bears and current University of Illinois wide receiver coach shared a great laugh. Martz had instructed him to pick me up from the airport during the offseason and “grind my fucking ass.” The offseason where the 2010 season had just ended. Martz wanted me back in the building grinding. But, the funniest laughter from Martz was when he called a meeting with Dane Sanzenbacher and myself. Martz instructed us to come to his office “a quarter.” 

We were baffled at what he meant by ‘a quarter.’ A quarter til what? What time is it now I recall asking, so Dane and I asked Andrew to find out for us because if we asked Martz he would surely would have thought we were the dumbest players he had ever coached. 

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We found out what time and were in the meeting on time. But, all three of us wanted to say one thing after that. Two simple, yet aggressive words. “Fuck You.” Thankfully we had a quarterback who said whatever he wanted, but know he was not the only individual within the organization who wanted to tell Martz off. 


Earl B. Bennett

About Earl B. Bennett

Earl B. Bennett is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played six seasons with the Chicago Bears.