Shower Soap and the Socioeconomic Disparity in the Locker Room #StoryTimeWithArmstrong

By Anthony Armstrong

It’s well documented that I worked my way up from Division II football, through two minor football leagues before reaching the NFL.  There are obviously differences along the way from one team to another.

It could be the quality of equipment or facilities or the form of travel.  We rode charter buses at West Texas and Odessa. We flew commercial with the Desperados and told little old ladies that we were a swim team.

When I first arrived at the Dolphins’ HQ at Nova Southeastern it was apparent who had money and who didn’t.  I rode up in a 16-passenger van driven by some interns and the rest of the lot looked like an exotic car showroom.  The wardrobe was different, too. It was Louis this and Gucci that, meanwhile, I’m rocking an Old Navy graphic tee.

Do you know what really set people apart?  Their soap. The teams provided some foaming stuff from a wall-mounted dispenser, and if you were lucky they had some Old Spice or Suave.  A few guys would grab some Dove For Men, but the big money had Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Castile Soap.

 A couple of things happen when you first experience Dr. Bronner’s.

  1. The scent is so strong when it hits your nose, your sinuses are instantly cleared, plus your eyes start to water.  It draws you in like freshly baked cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster.
  2. You get this cooling/tingly sensation all over your body when you use it.  It’s like eating ten Altoids at the same time, but all over your body.
  3. Everybody is going to be your “friend” like when you have some chips in class.  “Everybody got their rag, but they ain’t chipped in.”  At $10/bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap and when half the squad wants a sample, you change up quick.
  4. You branch out to other scents but realize the OG Peppermint is where it’s at.

If you’ve never had the Dr. Bronner’s, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle.  It’ll change your life…but watch where you put it. If you know, you know.


Anthony Armstrong

About Anthony Armstrong

Anthony is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played 7 years with the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins & Washington Redskins.