My Top 10 Cornerback’s for the 2019 NFL Season

By Jerraud Powers

My top 10 corners entering the season. While there were several other guys that are deserving of top 10 consideration, I narrowed my list to these 10.

  1. Patrick Peterson
  2. Jalen Ramsey
  3. Stephon Gilmore
  4. Chris Harris Jr.
  5. Darius Slay
  6. AJ Bouye
  7. Casey Hayward
  8. Marshon Lattimore
  9. Byron Jones
  10. Xavien Howard

Breaking down my top 3:

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1. Patrick Peterson. If you had to creat a corner and think of someone who would fit the ideal mode for the position, Pat P is the guy. He’s 6’1, weighs 205 lbs, is as fast as anybody on the field, and is arguably one of, if not the, most athletic players in the NFL. For years, QBs have been scared to target him. 8 years, 8 pro bowls, self-explanatory!

2. Jalen Ramsey. Whenever Pat starts to decline, Jalen will take the top spot for best corner in the game, without a doubt. His coverage skills mixed with his athleticism and confidence are on another level. In Jalen’s mind, there is nothing he can’t do. He’s right. Expect him to be the highest paid corner at some point this season or off season.

3. Stephon Gilmore. He’s been quietly climbing the ranks, playing at an elite level the last 3 seasons. Since his move to the Patriots, he has been the cornerstone in that secondary. He travels with the #1 receiver and he consistently plays well vs the #1 receivers every week. Without Stephon’s play, I’m not sure if the Patriots defense would have been able to hold up throughout the season. He deserves more respect from his peers. I expect him to be lockdown again this season!

Jerraud Powers

About Jerraud Powers

Jerraud Powers is a retired NFL Cornerback who played 8 years with the Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals & Baltimore Ravens.