Craziest League Experience #StoryTimeWithZacStacy

By Zac Stacy

One of the silliest experience(s) that happened to me was at the 2014 Super Bowl festivities. Although as a player you want, and are there, to play in the BOWL, the league does a great job operationally to provide tons of networking events and tons of fan engagement…it’s a lot of fun.

The Super Bowl was in Phoenix that year and it was a vibe! Nice weather, the city was packed and let’s be real – the women are always nice out that way.  Obviously, ticket selling is always a plus as well to get some extra bread in the pocket. I remember coming from dinner, and don’t ask me how, but I ended up linking up with some colleagues and circles of players I knew and was close with at the time. Off course we ended up at one of the clubs. Everything was cool. We were all vibing out, and all of sudden I see a familiar face. A face that I can’t remember where she was from or how I knew her.

We kept locking eyes. So I finally invited her to our section and we started up a conversation. The conversation was going well until all of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it’s my ex! My ex from a few years back who had moved to Phoenix. I didn’t know she worked as a bartender/bottle service girl at this particular club. So as awkward as it was for me trying to have a convo with a familiar face and my ex at the same, imagine how more awkward it became when they informed me that they were there together…as in a relationship.

Luckily there was no misunderstanding and we were all able to be cordial with one another. The ex went back to work bottle serving, but her girl still wanted to stay in the section despite the unusual meet and greet. We ended up vibing out. When we all decided to leave my ex’s new girlfriend grabbed my phone, put her number in my contacts and told me verbatim, “She’s probably eventually going to text you saying ‘I miss you’ or ‘I miss talking to you’ or something of the sort. If she does, text me and let me know.” She also added that I could text her occasionally as well.

Not even two weeks after the bowl, I got a text from the ex saying exactly that. “I miss you.” Like a dumbass, I said “I MISS YOU TOO.” Then I get a FaceTime call from her and again being the dumbass I was at the time, I answered. To my disbelief, it was the new girlfriend with a side eye look! I just remember choking on my words while laughing…. “WHATS GOOD?” She let me know that they now lived together and she had access to my ex’s phone. After another awkward conversation with the new girlfriend I decided I was done with PHOENIX AND SUPER BOWL FESTIVITIES! Haha


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