The Fight Between Robbie Gould and Hester That Almost Happened #StoryTimeWithEarl

By Earl B. Bennett

Playing with Future Hall of Famers comes with positives and negatives. The positive is obvious. You are playing with great generational players who are headed into Canton, Ohio. The negative can sometimes be that they know they are great players and may overlook flaws in their own game. But, when one Future Hall of Famer points out another future Hall of Famer’s flaws, prepare for a showdown. 

This battle was between Specialists — Devin Hester vs Robbie Gould in an epic face-off. Devin is quiet and reserved. Say less, but shows up more on the field. Those are the guys who I adore. Let the play do the talking. Robbie is very confident and lets you know it. He’s the guy that busts everyone balls during the preseason and takes jabs at guys who do not perform well, especially rookies. When you are as good as these guys, you can pretty much say anything to anyone who is not on your level. 

During the 2013 season, a Thursday night game against the Giants almost became a fight night. Robbie did not like when Devin refused to run up FAR and fair catch balls. Devin did not like it when Robbie missed field goals or kicked kickoffs short. So, when one guy says something to the other, prepare for a faceoff. Two of the top guys on the team face to face in an epic argument that could lead to a battle royale. 

The argument was relatively short, and guys stepped in, but you could see there was no backing down from either guy. Robbie stood his ground as Devin was being pushed away by teammates. Knowing both guys combative nature, I can only wonder who would have won the fight. People often downplay kickers, but Robbie seemed pretty confident that he could have challenged Devin if it reached that point. But, Devin reserved demeanor could be a setup for guys who try to fight him. Some will say the quiet guys are the ones you typically do not want to bother. Hest had a look on his face that showed he was ready for whatever and Robbie had looked as if he was confident in his fighting skills. One thing they will not have to fight over will be a spot in Canton because they will both have a position when their time comes. 


Earl B. Bennett

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Earl B. Bennett is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played six seasons with the Chicago Bears.