Iron Bowl and The Dog Bite #StoryTimeWithJP

By Jerraud Powers

Nov 24, 2007. Iron bowl. The one game that you can be remembered for forever in the state of Alabama. The one game that make families separate, the game that gives you an excuse to stop whatever it is that you are doing and watch closely, praying to the football gods that your team wins. 

It was my redshirt sophomore season and I was having a great year. Our defense was filled with a lot of good players, and I was able to stand out among a talented group. Just to name a few players, Quentin Groves, Senderrick Marks, Antonio Coleman, Tray Blackman and Patrick Lee, all became All-SEC players that year. 

Well Alabama had one of the best receivers in the conference, DJ Hall. At that time, he had his name on a few records for that school and I had a chance to match up with him and finish the last game of the year with a BANG! They also had two of my good friends and high school teammates on their team, Rolando Mcclain and Sam Burnthall. So I knew our city, Decatur, would be tuned in and watching every detail of this game. 

I was having a day. I made plays all over the field. A couple big hits, a few pass breakups and an interception. Rolando had an interception and Sam had made some plays as well. Well, one play I was guarding DJ Hall and they tried to throw a seam route in the end zone and it was covered. As I turn in the back of the end zone to walk back towards the huddle, I signaled with my arms an incompletion motion — the same motion the refs do! As I’m doing this, I don’t realize the police officers in the back of the end zone with the K9 dogs. There was one to my left and one to my right. The dog to my right was going nuts, barking like crazy and the cop literally is having to restrain him from trying to get loose. The dog to my left, who was literally right next to me, was calm and collected. Now, I know these dogs are trained to protect and serve but these damn dogs had to be Bama fans. When my arms came down from the incomplete motion, the dog tried to bite my hand off. Literally bit my left hand to the point it had three fingers and half my hand in his mouth. I quickly jerked my hand from the dog’s mouth and was shocked. Blood was coming through my glove and I showed it to Zac Etheridge, who was one of our safeties, and he started laughing about it. The ref noticed as well and he laughed. I tried to tell Coach Tubb and he waved me off, and then I told coach Muschamp and he told me to “Get your ass back in the game”.

Even the ESPN announcers noticed it and replayed it. It went viral on YouTube and I had to get rabies shots. SMH. They put the dog to sleep too (I think), but they changed the rule after that incident and now you don’t see officers with dogs around the field anymore. While I had a big game and balled out, nobody cared because all they wanted to know is “Aren’t you that dude who got bit by that dog?” War Damn Eagles 



Jerraud Powers

About Jerraud Powers

Jerraud Powers is a retired NFL Cornerback who played 8 years with the Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals & Baltimore Ravens.