Bears Shuffle Remix Goes Limp #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

By DJ Moore

I normally didn’t get frustrated with losing games, but there was one game that really got to me. It wasn’t the outcome, but what had transpired during the game that baffled me and continues to do so.

The game started off terrible as we all remember. Rodgers comes out, bang left, bang right, bang touchdown and the score 7-0 Green Bay! The Packers added another touchdown before the half. The defense anchored down after that and kept them from scoring any more offensive points for the remainder of the game.That was an impressive feat considering the quarterback we were playing.

Then our QB got hurt. Not sure when it happened, not sure what happened. I remember that it was after halftime and people on the sideline were talking that our QB might be hurt. I paid no attention to it because it was the PLAYOFFS. I was sure he wouldn’t come out of the game unless his leg was about to fall off. He had one drive and then was out for good. Most people in that situation would have to be dragged off the field, not this guy.

I never want to question whether a player is injured, but in this case it seemed like a minor injury considering the circumstances. I have seen Byron Leftwich limp to the line with a serious injury, Philip Rivers get carried to the line of scrimmage each snap, and even a young Deshaun Watson play on a hurt leg at Clemson. We’ve all seen players sacrifice and rise to the occasion. I never saw a guy give up so fast. It’s true that I don’t know what kind of pain he was feeling, but he continued to walk around on the side line. It seemed suspicious.

I honestly, want to know where his head was during that third quarter watching Todd Collins throw passes in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. After the game who could even really look at the guy? Your starting QB just walked off the field and said “No mas.”  I remember thinking “Damn dude, really man?” I already had my Super Bowl shuffle rap ready to go. A magical season ending in what felt like betrayal. 


DJ Moore

About DJ Moore

DJ is a retired NFL Cornerback who played five years with the Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers.