The Rookie Dinner #StoryTimeWithJP

2009, week 6. The day was set for me and another fellow rookie to take the secondary out to what is called, “The Rookie dinner.” I had heard plenty of stories from the past that were not encouraging, but I wanted to have a good time and enjoy the night.

We all get to Ruth’s Chris Steak House at 7pm. They take our group to a secluded back room where expensive looking champagne and liquor bottles were set up nicely and circled the entire room. The waitress is opening a particular champagne bottle and filling glasses every other second. Another waiter is bringing food in every five minutes, well at least that’s how it seemed. The veteran players were starting to fill the room, and I noticed something wrong immediately. Most of the players brought either family or close friends with them, and before you blinked, they were getting their glasses filled with champagne as well. 

The dinner is going well. People are laughing, finishing their food and drinks. My fellow rookie brought dice, and there is literally a dice game going on in one corner. I politely asked for the bill, thinking it couldn’t be too bad. Besides the bill, I had also rented a limo for the group to go out afterwards, and as the guys were leaving, they started to grab the bottles that surrounded the room. I had no idea how expensive these bottles were. The check came back to me, and the first thing I see is the champagne that the waiter was pouring all night for everybody was Cristal. Then I looked at the bill total, and it came out to be $24,900. Ruined the rest of the night for me…I couldn’t even enjoy the club afterwards because I was scared my card was going to decline. I went to the limo and started arguing with veterans about putting bottles back, and I was so mad, I damn near got emotional. Lol. I told my fellow rookie to pick his money up from the dice game and asked to speak to a manager. LOL. Mind you, as a rookie, in week 6, we hadn’t even had time to save any money yet. The manager was this nice, sweet lady who always took care of us when we went to that restaurant, and she allowed me and my other rookie to pay the bill after the season. THE COLTS HAVE THE BEST FANS EVER! Lol, that’s the only reason she allowed us to do that, she was a huge fan. I still have that bill today to remind myself to look at the prices before I purchase anything. Lol


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Jerraud Powers is a retired NFL Cornerback who played 8 years with the Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals & Baltimore Ravens.