Mouth Wrote Check My Ass Couldn’t Cash #StoryTimeWithDJMoore

Personally, I always enjoyed Jay Cutler.  Sour face and all, I appreciated his company no matter how brief.  After a game against Green Bay, the way I looked at him changed.  Jamarcus Webb was having a tough game. This was something that happened with young players from time to time.  I didn’t witness the play where Cutler pushed Webb, but I remember being upset when I saw it on ESPN the next morning. Now Webb is a big fella compared to Cutler, but you can understand the significance of pushing another teammate in any capacity.   Frustration is understandable, but a player getting physical with a teammate for poor performance is not cool.   

Arriving at the facility the day after the play,  I could sense a somber mood in the team meeting room.  Lovie walked in and gave his normal “Do better, be better speech.”  Sometimes you could guess the speech word for word we had heard it so much.  Obviously, he addressed the situation and told us to not talk about it with the media.  We leave the team meeting room and the media personnel come over to me and I said my peace.  Why in the hell did I do that?! I just said the normal stuff you say when a teammate is obviously wrong.  I left not thinking it was a big deal.  I take a nap and awake to First Take talking about my comments regarding Jay Cutler.  My heart dropped to my shoes.  I knew Lovie would call me to his office the next morning to talk about me disobeying his orders.  

The next morning at Halas, Ms. D made me my usual omelet and waffle, and I ate my breakfast despite not having the stomach for it.  Abruptly, someone taps me on my shoulder saying that Lovie wanted to see me. Damn, here we go.  I walk into his office and it is obvious he was past pissed. He simply said, “I told you not to say anything about it.”  I replied “I know, but I think he deserves the criticism, he was wrong.” Shaking his head, but not to disagree with me, he stated “I told you not to say anything.”  We had words back and forth, then he ended it by letting me know I would pay for this one. I knew what that meant, but at the same time didn’t know when it would come.

The next week we played St. Louis and I had a good game.  The week after while playing Dallas I saw the writing on the wall.  I went out for one play for a random reason and I go to run back in after fixing myself, but Coach didn’t let me go back right away.  He stuck his hand out and said wait.  I eventually went back in and caught another interception off Tony Romo.  The games to follow I wasn’t so lucky.  I went from starting to playing special teams to not dressing on the 45-man roster.  I went from playing nickel back to not even meeting in the nickel back room. It might be the toughest thing I have ever been through.  I even recall after a game hugging Lovie’s wife and she stated, “I’m sorry they are doing you like this.” What made it worse was that it was my contract year — cannot get paid if you’re not playing. If I had kept my mouth shut I would probably still be playing now. 


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DJ is a retired NFL Cornerback who played five years with the Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers.