Beast Mode Trade #StoryTimeWithEarl

In 2011, Chicago Bears RB #1 was in heated negotiations for a new contract. Not being elected to a pro-bowl, management considered his performance on the field not pro bowl level. Although everyone on the team knew he was the right fit for the team and the organization as well. The negotiations created heavy tension. 

My agent, Doug Hendrickson, and I had been in negotiations on a new contract during the 2011 season too. We talked a lot during the season. On one particular occasion, he had a visitor in the office who wanted to speak with me. The visitor was RB #1 of the Seattle Seahawks.

Seahawks RB#1 picks up the phone and says “Earl what’s good cuz.” He was aware of Bears RB #1 discontentment with contract negotiations. He was not in talks for a new contract in Seattle and was fixated on winning. Therefore, Seahawks RB #1 had a proposal that only he could suggest.

The conversation was right to the point. Seahawks RB #1 saw the success of the Chicago Bears team in 2010 and wanted to be a part of it. We defeated the Seahawks in the playoffs in January of 2011. So, he stated, “Tell RB #1 to come here (to Seattle), and I will go to Chicago on an even swap.” There was more that needed to happen for this trade to go down. But, make no mistake about it Seahawks RB #1 had it all mapped out. This was a serious conversation, and I felt the passion by the tone of his voice. There are some players you talk to, and you respond, yes to, and others that command a yes sir. I chose the latter to show respect to “Mr. Beast Mode.”

The trade didn’t happen. Not sure if my agent reached out to the Bears. Seahawks RB #1 went on to win a Super Bowl and played in another one while bears RB #1 never played in one. Though Bears RB#1 was considered one of the top backs in the league during his tenure, one can’t help but think about Seahawks RB #1 wearing Navy and Orange. Beast Mode in the Windy City running wild on Soldier Field.  I can assure you the City of Chicago would have embraced the beast. 


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Earl B. Bennett

About Earl B. Bennett

Earl B. Bennett is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played six seasons with the Chicago Bears.