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There were always fights during training camps. That’s understandable when guys are vying for a roster spot and trying to provide for their families. But after the season starts, if people are still throwing blows, we have a significant problem. A problem that cannot be solved unless you change the culture, starting with the coach.

A new coach and a change in the culture did not happen as expected. In the locker room, there are a ton of Alpha males. Guys that think they look good, dress well, are powerful and highly intelligent. That was the makeup of the 2013 Chicago Bears locker room. A new offensive scheme against a defense that was overhauled with new schemes too. The new defense was more man coverage which caused for WR #1 and DB #1 to battle. A battle on one particular day would set the tone for the season.

There are some guys you do not want to mess with on a fighting level. That guy was DB#1. His ability to punch the ball out should give some insights to his ability to hit his target accurately. Make no mistake, DB #1 is one of the best teammates you could ever have. He battled, played hard and had fun. He just is not with the nonsense.

During a team scrimmage, WR#1 and DB #1 lock up. They had been arguing beforehand, and it carried over onto the field. Before you know it, they were fighting. Well, I say fighting because there were two people, but really DB #1 was in control the entire fight. DB #1 has that country strength being an Army brat and living in Texas. He controlled the whole fight. Start to finish, I cannot recall WR #1 getting in a single punch or making any contact.

After the fight, WR #1 returned to the sidelines where the other receivers were. His response was, “I should have kneed him, huh.” If a person ever says that, that should tell you how the fight went for them. The size wasn’t an issue, and neither was skills. DB #1 was tough, making football plays as if he were in a physical fight.

Football is football, but there are some guys wired differently. DB #1 shows why he is now an FBI agent. Not only did he have the skillset to be a Pro Bowler, but he also possesses the required intelligence for the field as well as the physical traits to beat someone down if called to do so. So, if any future criminal is reading this blog and somehow DB #1 is tracking you down, the best thing to do is surrender and save yourself the humiliation because DB #1 can punch more than a football. That he does very well. #StoryTimeWithEarl

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Earl B. Bennett

About Earl B. Bennett

Earl B. Bennett is a retired NFL Wide Receiver who played six seasons with the Chicago Bears.